Eggy vs iggy

video for this decision made by Callum Scott Dyson. lovely eggs vs rod hull.

video for wiggy giggy. made on a budget of a fiver by David who animated it on his tod. featuring scenes from Frontierland, morecambe (R.I.p)

this one was made by our good pal Casey Raymond. beware of bob. Was it evil of us to do that? Probably yes.

Here is our new video to our single ' Goofin' Around (in Lancashire). It stars Lancaster's God of Parties Mr Ian Dicken and was filmed round Lancaster by that Casey Raymond. 
Here is our video to our single 'I Just Want Someone To Fall in Love With' made by Casey Raymond.  It was filmed on a tramp's mobility scooter in the Lancaster and Morecambe district. 
Here is the video for Allergies made fer us by mind frier Casey Raymond. It features a guest appearance by hot shot sitar gnashing producer Gruff Rhys. We filmed it in Cardiff. That means you get to go Bari Island and eat a lot of psychedelic ice cream. Our mum says she is too old to fully understand this video.
This is a video we made to Have You Ever Heard a Digital Accordion. We got our friends to help us make it. One of the people who we know as Spanker cracked his ribs during the fighting at the end. It was good fun. It was produced and edited by us and filmed by Darren Andrews.

mmmmmmmmm! strongbow! 

This is a video we made with Darren Andrews for our song Oh Weird Heart. It was very very cold when we filmed this and we carved 13 pumpkins in the process. 

made by yours truly in Lancaster, EgglAND.

video for big sea made by yours truly. we are starting our own swimming school. new members welcome. 

Here is our video to our single 'Magic Onion'. Filmed in Casey Raymond's front room in Cardiff. He has a very magical front room that looks a bit like a 1970s ghost train.
Here is the video to our single 'Food'. The video is 100% vegetarian. David made that giant veggie burger himself at Casey Raymond's house. He tried to eat it in one hour. It didn't happen. Blame it on the fries!
 This is a video we made to Don't Look at Me (I Don't Like It). It features John Shuttleworth as the man with the sausage roll thumb. It was produced and edited by us and filmed by Darren Andrews in the Lancaster and Morecambe district. 
This is a video to our song People Are Twats. It was entirely created and animated by Adam York Gregory. He likes comics, smoking cigarettes, staying up late and coffee. 
 This is the first video we ever made ourselves. We filmed it with Darren Andrews upstairs at Lancaster Music Co-op. The pigeon belongs to Darren. He races them when he can be bothered. Sometimes they don't come back. This one did.
Here is a video made for us by Eilir Pierce. Eilir Pierce lives near Bethesda where pebbledashing was invented. The video was filmed in Carmarthen. David had to do a lot of running about. He didn't like it as he had quite a sizeable hangover. The hangover was big enough that it didn't even fit into a sainbury's bag for life. 
Here is a video we made for our Twin Peaks  inspired Halloween single Haunt Me Out. It was made by Darren Andrews in his front room. It hurt quite a bit when he cut our heads off.